When you change the energy, [the vibrational patterns], you change the manisfestation of the matter. - The Law of Alchemy

In 1998, my friend was studying Flower Essences and helping to find the right ones for me. She suggested that I paint my own flower to assist me in connecting with the remedies. While at an Arthritis Research Retreat, I sat down one evening and, using my ability and intuition as I would in automatic writing, I started painting. When it was finished, I asked why the bud was not fully on the paper and was told, "This is the new coming into your life."


I had the feeling that I could do paintings for others, so I asked a lady at the retreat if I could do one for her. She was pleased with the results and was surprised to see that the soft pink and blue were the same shades of color she had used to decorate a room for her healthy massage business; and she added that any time she drew a leaf, it looked just like the one in the painting.


That evening I did another painting for another person.  When she saw hers, she was so touched emotionally that tears welled up in her eyes.


The third person was happy with hers and said it felt just like her.

The last person I did a painting for at the retreat said she felt it was droopy yet the painting reflected her deep sadness and her arthritic pain.

When I got home and told my friend what had happened, she asked me to do one for her also. Messages started coming through as the painting flowed from my intuition. The next few weeks I spent doing paintings for several of my friends. When they started telling other people about the paintings and the connections they felt to them, orders came in as fast as I could do them.


We laughed about this one. The recipient  said it looked like strips of bacon and that was one of her favorite foods.


After doing a painting for one friend, she asked me to do one for the retreat center she owned, a place which has an awesome vortex stargate.


This was done after I attended a spiritual gathering titled "Fusing the Chakras from the Heart Up."


I participated in the Festival of Light in Berkeley Springs, W.V.  This painting was one of the favorites there. It was done for a very thoughtful and generous man.


At the same festival, a woman was looking at photos of the paintings and asked what they were. She said she read auras and started telling me about some of the people for whom the paintings were done. I asked her to tell me about the recipient of this painting, because I knew the person very well. She described him as though she had known him all his life.


This was done for a couple who were in a difficult relationship and considering a divorce. With the painting and an in-depth reading, they were able to stay together and work on how each was able to teach the other about his or her self.


After going off my arthritis program, I did this painting and was able to discipline myself enough that I am now free of any signs of arthritis, including any pain.


Along with other modalities, this painting helped a young mother overcome some serious problems she was having with her feet.


After meditating with her painting for almost a year, this woman said she didn't feel like it was her any more and asked me to do a new one. Unfortunately [or fortunately], I had not taken a photo of it before giving it to her. Since I couldn't remember what it looked like, I wondered if the second one below would be similar to the first one.


The second painting shows how much she had worked on herself spiritually. She was in her mid 30's and trying to have a child. After working with her new image, she was able to get pregnant with her first and only child.

After attending a "Power of Love" workshop, I tried to do a painting for a client, but nothing would come through. So I simply painted what I'd received for myself in the workshop.


This is another example of the changes that occur as people grow. The above painting was done in 1998, the one below was done in 2000, and the third one below done in 2016, were all for the same person.



Sometimes I just let the painting flow without a purpose in mind.  This is titled "Female Soul Development."


This one is "An Ancient Planet."


When I read for clients at fairs, the paintings I produce are sketchier, but usually have more messages.


I especially enjoyed doing this one for a young lady with a very pixie-like appearance.