Growing up, I thought the epitome of all accomplishments would be to paint a portrait in oils.  Almost every Christmas, I received a paint-by-numbers set and enjoyed every minute I spent on each one.  I was 45 years old, when I found out that a friend was teaching oil painting; I signed up right away.  From the beginning, it wasn't like I was learning something new, it was like I was remembering something I had already known.


I realized that I needed to learn to draw, so I bought a book on how to teach yourself to draw and spent all my spare time practicing. The feathers painting was a drawing project that I decided to paint.


Collecting and cataloging mushrooms has been a hobby for my daughter and me for many years, so I had to do a painting with several we had seen.


Within 6 months, I had painted portraits of my grandsons.


Decorative Painting with acrylics worked well for me, especially since I also enjoyed cutting out the wood with a scroll saw.


This is one of my favorite pieces.  The crock belonged to a dear friend, and the ice cream maker scene is one from my childhood.


Decorative Painting was a large part of my life throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Less than a year after starting classes, I was teaching others to paint at the Carousel Craft Shop, and then at a friend's trophy shop after they moved their business. When the Ice House was ready for classes, I taught there. Then, in 1997, I started teaching in my own studio.


To expand my abilities, I also took classes in watercolor.


Seldom did a day go by that I didn't paint something.



One of my private students wanted to watch me paint and follow along doing her own painting. This is my rendition.


I always made an effort to keep up with new products.  This was an experiment with Geneses heat set paint.


This was a project I did for my students.  It still hangs in my studio.

Sometimes it's nice just to paint for my own enjoyment.

"Fruit Sunday" hangs in my pantry.


I love taking photos of people I know and making paintings of them.